Birthday in Florence,

Alabama! I’m much, much younger than old Laura Carroll, that’s for sure.

Clancy bought me a copy of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, which I’m enjoying. Clancy also threw stones across the Tennessee River, several hundred yards—what an arm!—and we were nearly attacked by a piebald horse-cow and doe.

I also played one of those card games with the eight -year-old son of Clancy’s friend Eve. I was defeated by an Androsphinx with ten thousand attack points and stars all around the perimeter of the card—under somewhat questionable circumstances, I might add. I momentarily thought of asking one of the other nerds in the coffee shop to arbitrate, but I’ll let the lawyers settle it.

Catching up on some non-essential internet reading, I found a thread approaching two hundred comments where people were posting their GRE scores. I think that this divine irreference should be the preferred method of settling disputes on the internet from now on.

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