Monthly Archives: March 2008

Some Complaints about JSTOR

The scanning of the Burlington needs to be enlarged or redone, possibly. I have trouble reading the footnotes especially, which, if you want to find out the story about the transfer of Goya’s Black Paintings to canvas, for example, is really where the action is.

Another item is if you are doing a multiple keyword search, say “Goya (saturn or saturno)”. You will see a list at the top of the page which tells you that ONE or more of the items from your search appears on so-and-so page; but, when one of these items is much more common than another, as in this case, that tells you very little useful information. They should separate that list by keyword, or at least give you the option to do so.

Descriptive Clause of the Week

Comes to us from the recent edition of the New York Review. Michael Massing, writing about who joins the military, explains: “One night, on a visit to Buffalo Wild Wings, a cavernous bar/restaurant on Arsenal Street, I approached a table of young men who were drinking beer and munching on chicken wings.

I picture Massing, or his editors, imagining subscribers pausing, chin-in-hand, to look out at their windows and wonder at a world with such marvels as Buffalo Wild Wings in it.

The White Visitation

I wonder if Pynchon knew about:

Louis De Wohl, a German with an alleged penchant for cigars and cross-dressing, was an astrologer working for the British MI5 during the 1940s. He was courted by high-ranking intelligence officials to develop information on the date of the German invasion of London to the best dates for battle, the Independent said Tuesday.

De Wohl wrote a report in 1943 that said it was important to utilize astrology when developing strategies against Germany because Hitler allegedly employed seers and astrologers.

“It is entirely irrelevant whether we ourselves regard astrological advice as valuable and scientific or as useless nonsense. All that matters is that Hitler follows its rules,” he wrote.