Monthly Archives: June 2006

The Boom on Mizar-5

A complete materialist history of “Sign in Stranger”–what might it entail? Recording technology, astronomical instruments, asterisms and their effects, penology, icterism, the displaced homoeroticism of the orientalist imagination–that’s just the superficials. Wouldn’t this be a neat assignment?

A Pseudoevent?

With all the speculation about the apparently imminent missile test in North Korea, I have to wonder if we have firm evidence that the rocket was actually fueled. The appearance of fueling is not fueling, after all.

I suppose we may have the answer to this question before too long, but my cursory searches have revealed no journalists asking this question.

Wolfe’s “The Friendship Light”

I’ve just bought Innocents Abroad and the other recent collection, Starwater Strains, and I hope to have an overview post similar to these:

In the near future (and also the long-promised Endangered Species edition).

I’ve only read the first three stories in Innocents Abroad at the moment, and I wanted to note how impressed I was with the A Rebours reference. It doesn’t take much, I know. “The Tree is My Hat” also seemed to contain some dubious anthropology, but I’ll withhold judgment there.