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“It may be worth noting here that there does not at the present time exist a word in the English language which may serve as a term for all primates. It is unlikely that the classificatory term ‘primate’ will ever come into common usage, in any case, the latter term is already reserved by the Church to describe the chief ecclesiastic, and we must be careful here, accerima proximorum odia!” (M.F. Ashley Montagu, “Knowledge of the Ape in Antiquity.” Isis 32.1 [1940]: 88 n3).

Hitchens Makes Puzzling Statement

“They are more like pirates, hijackers, or torturers—three categories of people who have in the past been declared outside the protection of any law.

From this Slate article.

Pirates and hijackers, yes. Torturers, no. Torture has almost always been organized by the state and thus legal. I have no idea what he’s thinking here.

Spurs in 6

Most of the world watched in horror as the Spurs finally managed to bludgeon a depleted Suns team to death in the Western Conference finals (the entire Eastern Conference playoffs were unwatchable–with the notable exception of a few games in the Bulls-Wizards series). Rarely in sports have you seen such a triumph of pure evil over pure good, but there it was.

Most observers are geared for something as painful as the Spurs-Nets series , and they are fully justified. Not that is particularly novel or exciting analysis, but basketball isn’t that complicated: the Pistons’ starters match up as well with the Spurs’ as anyone in the league, but their bench isn’t deep enough for them to win in a seven-game series. The difficult choice is between five and six games, and I’m guessing that big games from Rasheed Wallace will let them get two (as he’ll show up for 1/3 of the average playoff game).